What’s the number 1 reason for starting

What’s the number 1 reason for starting a business? Bet you can guess. http://ow.ly/febHP


Conquering Kryptonite (via Catalytic Connections)

Inspired to conquer my own Kryptonite!

Conquering Kryptonite Legend has it that Superman is “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings at a single bound.”  Yet exposure to a little green rock robs him of his super powers and will eventually kill him.  So what does Superman do to overcome this critical shortcoming?  Does he create an improvement campaign to transform his critical weakness into a strength?  No.  He avoids it.  He does everything he can not … Read More

via Catalytic Connections

Probably Will….

…Get closer to my goals & dreams because I’ve written them down

…Work with more interesting people because I’m clearer about who they are

…Meet new, fun, energizing clients because I am looking for them

….Get to be a matchmaker even more this year because connecting other people is tops on my to-do list

…Get to see more movies because I’m taking Mom to one every month

….Get better at playing the guitar because I’m practicing

….Be an even more delighted wife because Michael and I are exercising together…more fit..more fun together…definitely win-win

…Have a full and lively year because I’m making plan and efforts to ensure that it is!

It’s amazing how possible everything seems when you can visualize it.  Putting those goals and dreams down on paper makes them so much more real and much more do-able.

Today’s assignment:  Write down 3 things you MUST do this year.  Send me an email or post them… would love to see what you’re thinking.

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