20140705-094117-34877536.jpg Happy 5th of July!

I’m happy to say that I didn’t do computer work on the 4th.. and for me, that’s freedom! I also cooked, had friends and family over (BIG goal for husband and I) and got to read… more freedom! Because I’m a goal nerd and a linear thinker (my sister might compare me to Mr. Spock), I had to define what’s meaningful to me so I could make sure I was doing those things.

Being busy (which does not = doing the best things with my time) is what I both enjoy and have to fight. Being busy too much of the time can bring about loss of creativity, loss of enjoyment.. loss of self! (Been there, done that and trying not to keep doing that!)

You created your business to give you more freedom than you had as an employee. How’s that working for you?  For a lot of us, it’s not! We often find that we’re:

– Working more hours- Taking less “real” time off

– Making a smaller income

– Worrying, worrying, worrying…

This is NOT the freedom we dreamed of when we started!

It’s the weekend now. Make yourself take an hour to be quiet.. get away from everyone and breathe a little. Think again about what freedom you want to create in your life and how your business can help bring that about.

Could you give up some income i.e. pay someone else to do tasks that would free you up?

Could you gather your work team and strategize on how to solve some issues that keep you tied up too much?

Could you take a work retreat day and think about where you are in your business and how you can keep moving to more mature levels and solve new problems rather than the same ones over and over?

Could you schedule a day or two off.. a week (gasp!).. I mean, really… it’s your company and you’re making this thing up as you go like all of us, aren’t you? I sometimes find myself following some unspoken, undefined plan like a zombie sometimes because it just didn’t occur to me to do things differently. Wake up and take a day off!

Would it help to talk to someone about the freedom you want to create?

Make this a great weekend. Sleep late, take a nap, jump in the pool or the lake, get in the hammock, paint the guest room, read 2 more chapters, have a really cold beer or whatever gives you a moment of peace. Savor it..And then be thankful for all of the people who helped you enjoy that moment of freedom, past and present. Today really is a gift. To freedom!


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